Past FSC – UoN activities at UON

  1. Curricula Development
  • Proposed MSc/PhD in Food and Nutrition Security
  • Three semesters of coursework
  • One year for field work and thesis write up
  • Semester I: core courses
  • Semester II and III: Electives - courses in the following specializations

Food economics and sociology

  • Nutrition and health
  • Food safety and standards
  • Food processing and post-harvest handling /management


  1. Short course training/summer schools
  • Economic Modeling for Food Security Analysis in 2015
  • Molecular Genetics for Food Security in 2016
  • Social Network Analysis for Food Security in 2016


  1. Participation in World Food Day Colloquium
  • John Mburu and Dr Alice Mwangi in 2015
  • Hidden Hunger Congress in 2015 in Stuttgart
  • John Mburu and Dr Catherine Kunyanga in 2016
  • Dr Catherine Kunyanga and Prof. John Mburu in October 2018

2018 FSC – UoN Activities

  1. The Youth and Innovation Summit

Youth and Innovation Summit - Theme: “Sustainable Solutions towards Zero Hunger in Africa”, held on 24th -28th October 2018.

The aim of the regional summit will be to aggregate all innovations and technologies developed by scientists especially targeting the youth for agriculture (#CoolAgriculture) that can be used to address food insecurity which will later be disseminated for uptake by households and farmers.

The summit will develop a Call to Action towards Zero Hunger


Keynote speakers: Dr Betty A. Bugusu, Purdue University, USA and Mr Antony Ngosi, Senior Program Officer, Alliance for a Green Revolution In Africa (AGRA).

Other speakers from University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Egerton University/Tegemeo Institute


  1. Short course on “Role of Technology, Policy/Advocacy and Extension in Food Security” to be held on 10th- 14th Dec 2018.

This will target Young scientists, policy makers, Government ministries and county officials and will provide solutions insights on how policy and extension can be leveraged to address food insecurity in Africa and way forward to Zero hunger in Africa.

Nutrition intervention

Fieldwork activities on training and disseminate Innovations and Technologies to Small-Scale Farmers on Innovative Household Diets and Conservation Agriculture for Food and Nutrition Security November 2018 in selected regions for uptake and adoption.

Develop SMART nutrition messages and dissemination material

Regional linkages and networking

Regional Meeting at the University of Pretoria in South Africa representing FSC partners on 26- 29th November 2018 which is scheduled to bring together scientists in food security from Eastern and Central Africa. Sensitize the regional stakeholders on FSC activities and programs for better impact. Network and lobby for more linkages with partners in the region plus new ideas on a strategy to sustainable nutrition and Zero hunger.

Virtual Food Security Network

Establishment of a Virtual Food Security Network at the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Nairobi to provide an innovative platform for stakeholders in Food security to interact and share information regionally in a trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

2019 FSC – UoN Planned Activities

  1. Capacity building of South partner countries – collaborate on supervision of postgraduate (2 PhD)  - January 2019: Topics on Nutrition profiling in hotspots; data gaps
  2. The regional workshop, summer school on 15-19th April 2019 – Sustainable Safe Food Systems for Africa
  3. Short course on Agri-Food Systems and Nutrition
  4. Student exchange programs – upcoming young scientists: field training; August 2019
  5. Staff exchange program – North/South collaborative learning e.g. Teaching methods, pedagogy/PBL, Lab techniques, equipment support: Sept to Dec 2019 –regional travel and networking